Check an email address

Verify and check an email address online. Get free insights.

We do not store email addresses you check.

Hero email

Powerful email address verifier

Detailed insights

We provide you additional details and recommendations about every email address you verify.

Fast and reliable results

To verify an email address we connect to a mail server and check if a mailbox exits. It takes just a few seconds to check each email address.

Advanced features

Email address syntax verification, email address deliverability check and more included.

Email address verification made simple

Free verification features

  • Syntax errors and typos in the email address
  • Email server verification
  • Email address deliverability
  • Catch-all (accept-all) email server discovery
  • Spam-trap or honeypot email address detection

Features coming shortly

  • Bulk email marketing list validation
  • Disposable email detection
  • Grey-listing Email server discovery
  • Insights on an email hosting provider
  • Free or paid email service report
  • Parked domain detection
  • Role-based mailbox notice

True email address verification

Our free service will connect to the mail server to verify its validity and check if the email address really exists. Different checks will give you high-level and detailed insights.

Email check use cases

Suppose you are an email marketer aiming to reduce bounce rates for your upcoming marketing campaign. You can use the email validator to clean and review your marketing email list addresses.

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Verify email address

We do not store email addresses you check.

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