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Use Bulk email Checker to clean up your marketing campaign mailing list. Bulk email checker verifies each email address
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Companies that send mass emails require a tool to reduce the chances that messages they send land in spam or blocked by email hosting provider. It is essential to follow best practices that require a mailing list to be up to date, entirely valid, and deliverable.

Bulk email check tool analyzes your mailing list address by address, connects to an email server, and confirms mailbox deliverability.

Why should companies use bulk email checker to verify mailing lists?

An email checker helps you keep your mailing list current and clean. If you have more than 10 000 email addresses on your list, it is best to verify a mailing list every two weeks regularly. By doing so, you will reduce your messages' risks of getting to the spam folder and improve your customer base's reach.

Email checker adds value to your marketing campaign, saves costs on undelivered messages, helps you keep domain reputation, and ensures mailbox delivery.

Bulk email checker can help you build and support mailing list hygiene during its full lifecycle. Embed the power of bulk email checker in building your mailing list with real-time email check API. It will safeguard your mailing list from malicious email addresses.

The power of cloud computing behind bulk email checker service will give you quick and reliable results and inspect each email address on your mailing list. Bulk email checker service will ping the SMTP server to ensure mailbox delivery.

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