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Key to successful mass email sending
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Email hosting providers put a lot of effort into fighting junk mail and increase mailbox user experience. More than 90% of email traffic on the internet now is spam. Email hosting providers use thousands of rules to filter spam. Sender reputation is at the frontline.

What is a sender reputation score?

Email hosting providers keep a history of domains and IP addresses used to send emails. Suppose a specific domain or IP address reaches a certain ratio of emails marked as spam. In that case, an email server will automatically place messages sent from such hosts to a spam folder or even completely block the sender.

Sender reputation is a history of spam to legitimate message ratio and a combination of a domain and IP reputation.

When you experience low deliverability or high bounce rates, you probably have a bad sender reputation with one or more mail hosting providers. It would help if you took further action to improve it before sending new messages to those hosts.

How to improve sender reputation?

The first thing to do is make sure that sent emails are not spam, and recipients are ready to engage with it. Sending mass emails to a low-quality customer base will inevitably result in low sender reputation scores.

Consider the following to improve sender reputation:

Verify email address

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