Top 5 reasons to check a mailing list regularly

Having an invalid email address on your mailing list is risky
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1. Outdated contacts

Eventually, internet users change their email address. It is especially true for business contacts. Having an outdated email address on your mailing list will at least bounce your mail or decrease the email marketer’s sender reputation. The email checker will verify an email address and check if a mailbox is current.

2. Typos and errors in email addresses

When people sign up for your newsletter or fill out a webform, they often make mistakes and typos in their email address. It makes email address unusable and makes that address undeliverable. An email checker will clean your mailing list of those addresses.

3. Nonexistent email addresses

Even if a user enters a valid email, it may not exist. Emails sent to such addresses will bounce. An email checker connects to a mail server and checks if a mailbox exists.

4. Disposable mailboxes

Occasionally people do not want to give out their email addresses and register a disposable email. Disposable email addresses are valid for only a short time. When you send your marketing email to a disposable address, you will not reach an intended subscriber. The email checker tool has a comprehensive database of disposable mailbox providers. Email checker finds and removes disposable email addresses from your mailing list.

5. Role mailboxes

Subscribers may enter group emails like [email protected] Sending an email to this address will deliver an irrelevant message to a group of people or expose sensitive data to undesired persons. Email checker identifies and marks role mailboxes.

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